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Apr 11


Aug 10

Do you think Wes Anderson finishes his shit and people are like, “Wes! Your newest is super cute. Love the orange colors and the kitty in the basket. Adorbs.”

Nope. “Warm, whimsical, and poignant, the immaculately framed and beautifully acted Moonrise Kingdom presents writer/director Wes Anderson at his idiosyncratic best.”

And then you get:

“Ruby Sparks review: When Cute Becomes Cutesy.”

“Miranda July is as cute as her ideas.”


” — Pamela Ribon - “Super cute script, girl.”

Jul 09

“Tell me about your job at Newsweek”

I really enjoyed this CJR interview with Lynn Povich about the pivotal 1970 lawsuit against Newsweek for sex discrimination—announced by 46 women the same day their magazine published a cover story about the sexual revolution. The interview also pointed me toward this great 2010 piece, in which three young women at Newsweek describe learning about the 1970 lawsuit and how those conditions compare to what women face today:

In countless small ways, each of us has felt frustrated over the years, as if something was amiss. But as products of a system in which we learned that the fight for equality had been won, we didn’t identify those feelings as gender-related. It seemed like a cop-out, a weakness, to suggest that the problem was anybody’s fault but our own. It sounds naive—we know—especially since our own boss Ann McDaniel climbed the ranks to become NEWSWEEK’s managing director, overseeing all aspects of the company. Compared with the NEWSWEEK dollies, what did we have to complain about? “If we judge by what we see in the media, it looks like women have it made,” says author Susan Douglas. “And if women have it made, why would you be so ungrateful to point to something and call it sexism?”

May 30

“Susan Carpenter, the town supervisor, said she was amazed by Mr. Clinton’s awareness of specific efforts to bring in new businesses and by his interest in helping. She got the impression, she said, that he must be watching local cable access television of town board meetings.” — “Clintons Make ‘Great Neighbors,’ but for How Long?” - NYT

May 17

“Just as a tiny percentage of people who learn math go on to be mathematicians or engineers, teaching people basic code doesn’t mean they’ll all go off to be developers, and we don’t need them to. But we do need more people to stop segregating coding as something that only “techie” people do and they can remain willfully ignorant of.” — Reid Dossinger - Please learn to code

“The importance of learning to code isn’t so that everyone will write code, and bury the world under billions of lines of badly conceived Python, Java, and Ruby. The importance of code is that it’s a part of the world we live in. I’ve had enough of legislators who think the Internet is about tubes, who haven’t the slightest idea about legitimate uses for file transfer utilities, and no concept at all about what privacy (and the invasion of privacy) might mean in an online space. I’ve had enough of patent inspectors who approve patents for which prior art has existed for decades. And I’ve had enough of judges making rulings after listening to lawyers arguing about technologies they don’t understand. Learning to code won’t solve these problems, but coding does force engagement with technology on a level other than pure ignorance.” — Mike Loukides, A federal judge learned to code

Apr 24

“Sometimes writing has to be forced. In starting out, the shape and timbre and texture of what is to come is an uncertain chimera shimmering from behind a veil. You must not wait, loiter, dilly-dally. You must force your way painfully through. And then, but only then, the thing will go on its own power, it will hold the reins, and you need do nothing but hang on.” — Cynthia Ozick

(Source: Guardian)

Apr 23

“When, as a critic, I call something literature, I mean that it expands the field of what literature can be. David Foster Wallace is literature. Jonathan Franzen just tried to write a literary novel.” — Stuart Kelly

(Source: Guardian)

Apr 04

“Learning how to program over a period of five-six years was without a doubt the most important thing I’ve done in my career.” — DailyWorth CEO Amanda Steinberg (interview)

Mar 28

“Tax Resolution Firm in Columbus, OH, Hires Online Marketing Company to Promote Its Services” — The is the actual title of an actual press release.